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Translators and Interpreters
Language is a construct of words. The right words are the essence of communication.

Proper communication of words and their context in other languages and cultures is what we do best, and passionately. Count on us for software localization, technical documentation, marketing messages… and more.

We are particularly gifted and involved with Portuguese, in both European and Brazilian forms, and German, but our work often includes French, English and Italian as well.


We specialize in the localization of software and web content as well as translation and interpreting in a number of sectors.

SAP translations

We have worked with SAP translation tools and specialist terminologies for three decades as an SAP translation partner for Portuguese.
Deep expertise with Transaction SE63, access to SAPTERM and familiarity with SAP’s style guides are the essential elements of our successful transformation of complex information to be used in other languages.

Our range of other services

We offer: localization for software and web content; technical translations for the automotive, legal, IT and technology sectors; proofreading; marketing translations; the creation and maintenance of terminology resources; certified translations for documents; and interpreting for public authorities and institutions.

Our processes

To ensure high efficiency and consistent terminology, we use current professional technical tools and integrate customer-specific terminology requirements in the translation process. Respect for deadlines and flexibility are part of our routine, as are reliable quality management and effective project planning and performance. DIN EN ISO 17100 is the reference standard for our work processes.


Christina Höschle (CEO)
Certified Graduate Translator
Publicly Appointed and Sworn Translator
German, Portuguese & French

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”
– Henry Ford

After our partnership was founded in Heidelberg in 1996, a large team of dedicated staff soon formed, which has remained together for decades of trustworthy, successful collaboration. Profound understanding of language and culture, willing communication and a precision work ethic are our decisive advantages.
Our translators are native speakers committed to bringing their considerable linguistic, cultural and professional experience to work for you.
All our team are university graduates who routinely engage in continuing professional education, and our multilingual network enables structured coordination of projects of any scope.

Anette Dirauf (CEO)
Certified Graduate Interpreter
Sworn Liason Interpreter
German, Portuguese & French


Let’s talk about what makes sense for you and your customers and what is needed for information to be communicated effectively for your success.

We look forward to providing you with an appropriate service quotation!

Höschle + Dirauf

Translators and Interpreters

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